Since 2005, COIN has ensured cost-effective and high-quality asset management services for our customers through our procurement service.

We have seen the markets changing and along with that the needs of our clients evolving.  We have a long tradition of helping procure asset management within traditonal asset classes and now we are moving into alternative asset classes.

We are looking to further expand our clients reach and enable a deeper knowledge about, and access to, non traditional asset classes. To accomplish this in a resource effective way we have developed a co-investment concept – COIN’s pooling service. 

First asset class to be analyzed is Reinsurance risk or Insurance Linked Securities focusing on securities linked to insurance against natural disasters.

This asset class offers high risk-adjusted returns and is fundamentally uncorrelated to traditional asset classes.

As a starting point, we will hold a seminar on the asset class on January 20th in Stockholm. Let us know if that sounds interesting and we’ll tell you more!